The respect of nature and mankind is our bedrock.

The respect of nature and mankind is our bedrock. We are located in South Tyrol, an area that straddles two different cultural spheres and acts as a bridge between North and South. Thanks to this and our multilingual status, we have learned to understand divergent points of view and use them to produce positive results. 
It has made us what we are today: an engineering firm able to give direction to projects covering almost every area of engineering. From the initial idea, planning and execution right through to completion, we will be your reliable and competent partner. On a local, national and international level.

We work with prudence and pleasure. Responsibility, professional competence and dedication distinguish our team. With a portfolio of services strongly tailored to our customers’ needs and active cooperation with other consultants and practitioners, we are in a position to respond to the quickly changing demands of a developing market. We are therefore able to develop innovative and workable solutions even in complex situations and implement them in future oriented projects, and all from a single source. Whether the project be large or small, with us you will have a reliable and experienced partner by your side.

The varying requirements of our customers demand ever more specialised solutions. So that we are always up to date with the latest developments and able to offer a consistently professional service, our team continually strives to broaden its comprehensive specialist knowledge through training and education. Of course the use of the most up-to-date hardware and software also guarantees long-term quality assurance. Through hard work and commitment we have developed an interdisciplinary team of specialists that knows how to turn global approaches into local action and is able to contribute to the development of comprehensive solutions for both people and their environment.